The biggest motivator in my life has been my family.  Growing up with three hyper competitive brothers made me feisty, competing with them made me humble, and beating them (although very rarely) made me open to the endless possibilities of life!  Throw in two awesomely supportive parents into the mix and I have the best platform to leap off of into success!


High School: After seven years of playing soccer, I was up for a new challenge.  One by one my mom convinced my brothers to start rowing, it wasn’t long before I followed suite.  I started rowing for Long Beach Junior Crew. Learning from a variety of coaches and being pushed by my best friend/doubles partner Kim Litzinger, the rowing seed was not only planted, but nourished and sprouting quickly.  My senior year I went on to race with the US Junior National Team and got my first taste of international competition. As I stood on the podium in Lithuania receiving a bronze medal in the Junior Women’s Eight, my dream began. I knew that with my passion for rowing and with my relentless ability for hard work, I could accomplish my dream of winning an Olympic gold medal.

lbjc 2x

College: At the University of Michigan, I blossomed both athletically and academically.  I completely fell in love with every thing about the university- the large campus, the dominating football team, the wonderful athletic community and mostly the Kinesiology department- where I would end up earning my bachelors degree in Movement Science.  The main element that lured me in on my recruiting trip was the rowing team.  We were united and fueled my a common goal.   We went on to place 2nd in 2003 & 3rd in 2004 at the NCAA Championships. In 2005 & 2006 I spent my summers as part of the US Under 23 National Team. My first international gold medal came in the Women’s Four, the next year I placed 4th in the Women’s Pair.  Fourth place was good, but it just made more determined to get back on the medals stand.


Currently: I took a huge step toward my dream in 2007 when I moved to Princeton, NJ to train full-time with the US National Team. Initially, I was blown away by the intensity and amount of training that takes place on a day-to-day basis at the Training Center. When I arrived I found myself consistently at the bottom of the rankings, but month after month I climbed the list and made a place for myself among the fastest rowers in the country.


My hard work translated to speed which placed me in a boat at each of the World Championships from 2008 to 2011. In 2009, we achieved the best placement the US has ever obtained in the Women’s Quad- a silver medal!!  This feat was repeated two years later when we captured the silver medal again at the 2011 World Championships in Bled, Slovenia. 

Most recently, I moved back home this Fall to Long Beach, Ca to train with Southern California Scullers Club (SoCal Scullers).  Under the leadership of Ian Simpson (my former LBJC coach) and Dan McGill, this small club has attracted multiple national team members and are growing into a strong presence.  I love being back in California enjoying the unbeatable weather, the wonderful times with my family and the opportunity to be the fastest I have ever been.

1393688_622364407860617_12620309_n (1)

Thank you to my family, friends, teammates, and all my other supporters that have made this journey so memorable! 


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