After NSR1, Gevvie Stone (the winner of NSR1) and I decided to make a go for the double and race the National Selection Regatta 2 (NSR2) together.  I quickly booked a train ticket and after an almost missed train and lost shoe debacle, I made it to the rowing filled, albeit, cold New England town of Boston.

Gevvie’s is an awesome host and her roommate (also equally as awesome) conveniently moved out two days after I moved in.  Each morning and afternoon we have a quick three minute bike ride to Weld Boathouse where the awesome coaches of Radcliffe Crew have let Gevvie and I store our boat and row.  We are accompanied by Cambridge Boat Club‘s fiercest masters men on the water and they have been giving us a good fight!  One last shout out- thanks to Brian Dawe of Tufts for getting us this sweet Hudson Stealth 2x to row while we are here.


As of Wednesday night, the entries for NSR2 are officially in and there are only six days until the Time Trial!  Crunch time is upon us and we are ready to fight for the line!  See you out there.


Full NSR2 details here.


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